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October 21-22nd, 2023 - Polecat Training Center


ExciteGP Invitational

What: Invitational Drift Event & Showcase

When: October 21-22, 2023 (10am-6pm, 10am-6pm)

Where: Polecat Training Center (Fayetteville, TN)


ExciteGP returns to the mountains of Tennessee to experience one of the best tracks in North America. The high speed and flowing circuit of Polecat Training Center sets the backdrop for classic Japanese styling and aggressive driving. The best from around North America will make the journey to showcase the heritage of a timeless form of motorsports art.

Only 100 drivers will be selected to experience this amazing circuit. Only the best cars with proper paint, aero, fitment and complete styling of the 2000's era will be accepted. All drivers must have experience running tandem with others on a road course. This is not a competition but a showcase of timeless vehicle styling.

The Track:
Just minutes outside of Lynchburg Tennessee sits one of the best kept secrets in motorsports. The Polecat Training Center is a 420 acre private motorsports paradise. Laid perfect in the Smokey Mountain hills, this 2.1 mile road course may possibly be the best designed track layout of any facility in the southeast. Offering over 120 feet of elevation, this 19 corner track feels more like a alpine rollercoaster ride.

Driver - 
$335.00 Sat & Sun
Apply Here: Driver Application
Spectator - $30.00 Sat & Sun


Driver Information

-All drivers must be accepted or sent an invite

-All drivers must pre-register online

-All drivers must sign the waiver
-All drivers must pass tech inspection
(tech sheet here:
-All drivers required to wear SA2015+ helmet
-All cars must display a run group sticker
-All convertibles must have a SCCA approved roll bar
-No speeding or burnouts in the pits
-D1/D2/D3 must have fire bottle
-No drinking and driving
-No drifting on cards. All worn (non-corded tires may be left with the track)

-All drivers must follow rules of the track and event

Driving Format:
The event will put focus on seat time for all drivers. A 2 line staging lane will be setup between turns 1 and 2 and another at turn 9. Drivers will be sent off either solo or in groups of 2-5 drivers, alternating between the 2 lanes for the duration of the event. Drivers will be able to enter and exit the track freely.

Touge Battle:
The origins of drifting begin in the mountains of Japan. Drivers chase each other through the dangerous passes, as the lead drivers push to escape the lights of the follow driver. This Autumn Run will include Touge Battles on both sections! For 1 hr the track will send cars in pairs only. Judges from around the track will take notes on each run to determine who is the king of the mountain.

Vehicle Showcase:
Just as important as the driving, vehicle styling is a big part of the grassroots drifting world. The driver pits will be setup as a showcase of all cars, allowing all cars to be viewed by those who attend. No trucks and trailers. Just stylish 2000's inspired artwork. The best car is showcase will receive a trophy and free ExciteGP entry.


Spectator & General Information



6:00AM Gate Open / Tech Open
8:15AM Driver Meeting
9:00AM Open Track
2:00PM Open Track
3:30PM Staging For Touge Battle
4:00PM 1HR Touge Battle

5:00PM End Driving / awards

8:30AM Driver Meeting (ALL)

9:00AM Open Track
12:00PM Open Track
5:00PM End Driving

Spectating: Spectators will be allowed for this event. Spectator entry will be $30.00 cash at the gate. No ATM on site. Due to the track layout and limited viewing space, we will be using a shuttle to take spectators from the pits and to viewing areas around the track. These areas will be roped off and all spectators must stay in designated areas. The shuttle will make rounds every 30 minutes. Pit bikes, ATV, and SXS may be used to travel the wooded trails around the track to view.


Parking for this event will be very tight due to the size of the facilities parking lot. All trucks and trailers will be parked in the large grass field located by the track shops. All drift cars will be parked near the tracks pit lane. Each car will be given a 10x10 spot in the paddock to include car, spares, tools, etc. You may use the grass behind your area if needed. No trucks or trailers will be allowed in the pit area. Please look at the map for vehicle parking.

Camping is allowed for all who attend. Camping must be done in the grass and free from blocking other vehicles to travel. The gates will lock each night at 10:00pm and reopen at 7:00am each day. Fires are allowed only in the trailer parking area and must be contained and off the ground. All trash must go in trash cans.

RV Parking:
RV hook-ups are not available. RV's will be allowed in the trailer parking area. No dumping.

Lodging & Food: Lodging is available in Fayetteville, Tennessee. There are only two in town so call in advance. There is also a few motels in the Lynchburg area. The town of Lynchburg also has great restaurants and of course Jack Daniels distillery.

Media: If you wish to shoot media at this event, please head to the media page to apply. Not all who apply will be accepted for media due to safety on track. You must register for each event you plan to attend.


Sponsors: Interested in sponsoring this event? Email today.


Staff: We are looking for staff to flag and help with parking for this event. All staff will be given a free day of driving for working the opposite day. (work Saturday, drive Sunday) Please contact Matt at iTrack Motorsports to apply.

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