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Georgia - Round 1

May 13-14, 2023 - South Georgia Motorsports Park

ExciteGP Round 1

What: ExciteGP Drift Weekend & Comp

When: May 13-14, 2023 (9am-6pm, 9am-6pm)

Where: South Georgia Motorsports Park (Adel, GA)


ExciteGP was created in 2017 to showcase the best cars and drivers from around the southeast. Since the first event, ExciteGP has crowned countless champions, even some who have gone on to win in Formula Drift. This year ExciteGP returns with a new vision to showcase the best drift cars and drivers from around the southeast and beyond. The weekend will kick off with drift open track drifting. Saturday afternoon judges will be looking at drivers open session driving. 16 drivers for both classes will be selected for comp. We will take just a short break for battles before getting back to full track driving. Alongside the Top 16 battles, we will be awarding drivers for vehicles visual appearance and other unique awards.

Driver - 
$195.00 (Sat & Sun) / $115.00 (Sat or Sun)
Spectator - $20.00 (Sat & Sun) / $15.00 (Sun Only)


Driver Information

-All drivers must register online

-All drivers must sign the waiver
-All drivers must pass tech inspection
(tech sheet here: TECH SHEET)
-All cars competing must follow the series rulebook: 2023 ExciteGP Rulebook

-All cars competing must have a ExciteGP series banner on the front window
-All drivers required to wear SA2015+ helmet
-All cars must display a run group sticker
-All convertibles must have a SCCA approved roll bar
-No speeding or burnouts in the pits
-D1/D2/D3 must have fire bottle
-No drinking and driving
-All tires mu
st go home with driver
-All drivers must follow rules of the track and event


Track Layout:
Round 1 will take place in the massive lot of SGMP. This track will be one of the longest we have made in a parking lot. This track will include a very fast 3rd/4th gear entry to a tight, technical and LONG track! We will also have a skidpad setup to scrub tires and warm up.


CompetitionThe ExciteGP battles will take place over two days. The track will open for qualifying on Saturday with an open format. Meaning no set laps. Just drive and have fun. 16 drivers for both classes will be selected. Drivers will battle in a standard Top 16 comp to find the winner. 

Open Track Drifting:
While many drivers will be fighting for a top 16 spot, that is not the primary point of ExciteGP. All drivers of all skill level are welcome to join. With the event designed around seat time, even the driver who wins the comp will only get 8 more laps over someone who did not compete at all.


Trophies & Prizes: ExciteGP will award both class winners an event round trophy and collect points for the year. The driver with the most points over all 4 rounds will receive a cash prize TBD. Just as important as the driving awards, ExciteGP will be giving trophies for best drift car styling, interior tuning, and engine bay tuning. 


Spectator & General Information



6:00AM Gate Open / Tech Open
8:30AM Driver Meeting
9:00AM Open Track
11:30PM Qualifying/Open Track
2:00PM Clubsport Top 16
3:00PM Open Track
6:00PM End Driving

7:00PM FD Livestream

8:30AM Driver Meeting (ALL)

9:00AM Open Track
11:00AM Legends Top 16
1:00PM Open Track
6:00PM End Event

Spectator Parking:
When you enter the track, you will need to stop and sign the waiver at the front gate. Once you have done so, make your way straight ahead to the parking area. You can park on pavement or in the grass, but please do not block cars or trailers from driving. 

Camping is allowed for all who attend. Camping must be done in the grass. Gates will lock at 11:00pm each night. You will not be allowed to exit past 11:00pm unless there is an emergency

RV Parking:
RV hook-ups are not available for this event. RV's are welcome. No dumping.

Lodging & Food: Lodging is available just a short drive from the track. Hampton Inn Adel, Days Inn, Best Western and more are available. Food is available just one exit up.

Media: If you wish to shoot media at this event, please head to XXXXX page to apply. Not all who apply will be accepted for media due to safety on track. You must register for each event you plan to attend.

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