Maximum Seat Time. Without The Lines.

What is Hot Lap?: 

If you like the idea of turning lap after lap with no stop and go lines, this is for you!

Hot Lap events are the most laid back of all events during the season. The Hot Lap events always feature a fun and technical track layout built in the infield of Lanier Raceplex. Drivers will go out in long sessions, alternating throughout the day. There are no restrictions on the numbers of laps you can run. Just get out there and drive!

The track is designed as a full circuit to allow the open lapping format. Drivers will go out on track in run groups based off driver skill and experience. For our novice drivers, we will do a full course walk in the morning to help you get up to speed!

Our two day Hot Lap events will include overnight camping! Drivers will get to drive both day and night before trackside camping. During night drifting, we will host fun solo comps like a big entry contest, fastest lap, and more!

Basic Rules
-All convertibles must have factory roll over protection or SCCA approved roll bar 
-All drivers must have SA2010 or higher rated helmet
-All cars must display a run group decal and drivers must have arm band
-Tech must be completed and sign off before going on track
(Tech Sheet: 2021 TECH SHEET)
-D3, D2, and D1 drivers must have a fire bottle inside the vehicle
-Drivers must follow all rules of iTrack Motorsports and the track
-No drinking and driving!





For The Fans
-Exciting Grassroots Drifting
-Free Trackside Parking
-Open Pits To Spectators
-Food and Drink Vendors

Spectator Entry
Saturday & Sunday Entry- $20.00 cash at gate
Sunday ONLY Entry- $15.00 cash at the gate

All Events Are Rain Or Shine. No Refunds Or Credits

Next Event

Date: Coming 2022

Location: TBD

Time: TBD

Driver Entry Fee: TBD
Registration Link: Coming 2022
Driver Cap: TBD

All drivers must register in the correct run group based off skill level. Any driver who registers outside of their run group may have their entry declined. Please check out the "rules" section to determine your run group.