First Timers




Of course not everyone jumps in a race car and wins a Formula 1 world championship! There a few thing you need to do to prepare yourself for events.




The first step to getting on track is of course signing up! Now, when picking an event, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. First, how far do you want to drive? It is typically best to find a track that you know already. Maybe from video games or attending other racing events. This cuts down on the learning process and makes your day a little less stressful. With that being said, road trips for out of state events are a blast! Secondly, what kind of track do you want to run? iTrack visits a variety of tracks from tight technical course to high speed NASCAR banking.


Now that you have decided on the track you want to run, we need to register! We try to make registration as easy as possible. Under "track days" at the top of the screen, you will see a drop down menu. Here will be the list of events we have going on. Click the page of the track you are interested in.


Once you have been to the page, you will be able to find the "click here to register" link. This will take you to This site makes it easy for you to sign up for future events and keep track of your progress for both iTrack and other organizations. When you register, sign up under the "Novice" option. This will give you a certified iTrack instructor, but we will talk more about that in a minute.


That is it! You are now signed up for your first event! Pretty easy right? Now it is time to prepare yourself and your ride!


Vehicle Preperation


Now that you have signed up for your track day, it is time to start preparing your vehicle for what you are about to do to it! Now, I don't mean you need to call your local race car shop and start welding in a cage (if you do, contact Top Garage). No, it is very basic and only requires a small amount of your time.


The most important part of driving on a race track is to have a vehicle capable of driving at a high rate of speed. iTrack has created a short list of things that your car will need to get on track. Along side this, we also have a TECH SHEET that will help you figure out exactly what your car needs.


  • Tires need to be in good condition with 50% or higher tread. Check your pressures before you go out and continue to check during the day. They will get hot and the pressure will go up!

  • Brakes should be in good working condition. We recommend that you put in high tempature brake fluid in your car and that your pads have a minimum of 50% life left

  • Wheels need to be properly secured using ALL lug nuts for each wheel. Make sure you have properly torqued all wheels down. This information can be found in your vehicle owners manual

  • Safety belts must be in the OEM location and in good working condition. All drivers who use an aftermarket seat belt are NOT allowed to have the belts mounted to the floor. You will need a harness bar to mount them

  • Fluids are just as important for the car as they are for you. Make sure you have a fresh oil change and the proper levels during the day. It is also very important that your vehicle is not leaking any fluids onto the ground. This will end your day short.

  • Loose objects in the vehicle need to be removed prior to entering the track. Any object could become a missile when you are on track!

  • Convertiables If you drive a convertiable, we require your vehicle to have either A. Factory rollover protection or B. An SCCA approved roll bar






Driver Preperation


Just as important as the car, you as a driver need to be prepared for driving your vehicle at a high rate of speed. Below we have created a list of what you will need to do prior to the event as well as bring with you to make your day safe and enjoyable.


  • Helmet - All drivers must wear an SA2010 or higher rated helmet. This is the helmet rating used for automotive racing events. A "M" rated or DOT helmet will more than likely not work. If you do not have one, BridgeMoto will be on staff for helmet rentals

  • Clothing - Now as much fun as it would be to drive 100mph with no clothes on, we aren't sure if we want to see all of that. Drivers must wear long pants, a shirt WITH sleeves (short or long) and closed toe shoes. iTrack Motorsports T-Shirts are recommeded!

  • Fluid - Just like your car, fluids are very important. Be sure to bring lots of water or other non-alcoholic drinks to keep you highdrated during the event. It will be hot even in the winter time.


What to Bring?


There are a few thing you will need to have at the track other than your car, helmet and those pants you weren't wearing. We suggest you bring a few items to keep you comfortable at the track weather it be rain or shine.


  • Fluids - like we mentioned for driver preperation, it is very important to keep hydrated during a day at the track. Just a slight bit of hydration can lead to lose of focus on track. This is dangerous to both you and those around you.

  • Tools - We suggest you bring some of the most common tools with you to the track such as a jack and jack stands, assorted wrenches, screw drivers and a torque wrech to keep those lug nuts tight all day! Also don't forget your tire pressure gauge!

  • Chair(s) and Canopy - While this is not mandatory by any means, track events are rain or shine! It is nice to be able to take a seat after a session to relax and cool off, or stay out of the bad weather!


What do I do when I arrive?


Most events hosted by iTrack Motorsports will start bright and early in the morning with tech starting as early as 6:30 am. It is very important for you to be on time to allow you to complete all the steps below. It is very simple and once you have done it once, it will be a piece of cake!


1. Sign wavier at the gate - Most facilities will require you to sign in at the gate before entering. This is of course for insurance reasons. Once you have done so, quickly park your vehicle in a good location to set up for the day.

2. Driver check-in - This is where you will receive your driver packet for the day. Inside you will find event info, schedule for the day and your tech form. Please be patient as we sometimes have 100+ drivers to check in!

3. Tech inspection - Once you have checked in and have made your way back to your car, it is time to unload. Be sure you are parking in a area that will not block anyone in and give you safe access to get to the starting grid. Remove any loose objects you may have, grab your helmet and head to tech. Here our team of tech members will look over your vehicle to make sure it will be safe to take on track

4. Drivers Meeting - Once you have been through tech and have parked back in your area, please make your way to the drivers meeting. This location will be given to you at check-in and is typically in the same area as tech. At the end of the drivers meeting, you will then be paired with your driving instructor. This guy or gal has years and years of on track experience. So are even pro drivers! Listen and learn from them, so that one day you can do the same!


All-in-all we hope this helps you get on track for your first day. Of course there is much more to racing on track, but this should at least get you to the drivers meeting and on your way to your first event. If you have any questions, please email and we will help you get what YOU need to get on track! See you soon!


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