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ExciteGP Round 2 Details: 


ExciteGP Round 2 will kick off on Saturday July 11th at Lanier Raceplex. We are extremely excited to be back at Lanier Raceplex for ExciteGP. We are excited to offer a top level track dedicated to the ExciteGP competition.


We will be arriving extremely early on Saturday morning to begin setup. Any drivers who are available to help setup, please arrive anytime between 6am-8am.

The event will operate the same way as Hot Lap Sundays. Drivers will go out in sessions, hot lapping the track. We will run three (3) separate run groups and alternate throughout the morning. At our break at
4:20pm, judges will begin making their top 16 brackets for Clubsport and Legends classes. At 5:20pm, we will start the competition for the Legends class. Drivers will battle in a Top 16 bracket until a winner is decided. After the Legends comp, we will go to open track for the night! Remember lights will be required for this!

On Sunday morning, we will open the track at 7am. We will again do a drivers meeting, this time at 11:30am. The clubsport drivers will get to run a practice session to warm-up before the comp at 12:00pm. At 12:20pm we will start the Clubsport Top 16 comp.  Again, once the comp is complete, we will go back to open track driving until 7pm.
Schedule -
6:00am Gates Open to drivers

10:30am Drivers Meeting

11:00am Open Practice D1
11:20am Open Practice D2

11:40am Open Practice D3

12:00pm Open Practice D4

12:20pm Open Practice D1

12:40pm Open Practice D2

1:00pm Open Practice D3

1:20pm Open Practice D4

1:40pm Qualifying D1

2:00pm Qualifying D2

2:20pm Qualifying D3

2:40pm Qualifying D4

3:00pm Qualifying D1

3:20pm Qualifying D2

3:40pm Qualifying D3

4:00pm Qualifying D4

4:20pm DINNER BREAK / Top 16 announcements

5:20pm Legends Class Top 16

7:20pm End Top 16 / Awards

7:40pm Open Practice D4

8:00pm Open Practice D3

8:20pm Open Practice D1/D2

8:40pm Open Practice D4 (30min)

9:10pm Open Practice D3 (30min)

9:30pm Open Practice D1/D2 (30min)

10:00pm END DAY 1

7:00am Gates Open
11:00am Drivers Meeting
12:00pm Clubsport Practice

12:20pm Clubsport Top 16

2:20pm End Top 16 / Awards

2:40pm Open Practice D1

3:00pm Open Practice D2

3:20pm Open Practice D3

3:40pm Open Practice D4

4:00pm Open Practice D1

4:20pm Open Practice D2

4:40pm Open Practice D3

5:00pm Open Practice D4

5:20pm Open Practice D1/D2

5:40pm Open Practice D3

6:00pm Open Practice D4

6:20pm Open Practice D1/D2

6:40pm Open Practice ALL

7:00 END DAY 2

- ExciteGP Round 2 Competition
- Two days of open track drifting

- Instruction for novice drivers

- Track side camping for drivers

Best Damn Shop Around



BASIC RULES: (please visit registration page for more information)

-All convertibles must have factory roll over protection or approved roll bar
-All drivers must have SA2010 or higher rated helmet
-All cars must pass tech inspection

-All drivers running the competition must have all bodywork
-All drivers must arrive on time



Registration Details

Registration Link:


Entry Fee:
Driver Entry:
$250/ 2 day
- $185 / 1 Day

Spectator (Single Person. Pay at the gate): $20.00 2 day / $15.00 Sunday Only


Saturday 11am - 11pm
Sunday 12pm - 7pm

Additional Info:

Additional information coming soon...